A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Knock things around!

Pick up Customers!

Go to drift town!

But don't get a bad rating and upset your boss!

Version 1 - OUT NOW

Tomato Taxi is a small 3D Platformer Type Game where YOU, the taxi driver, somehow ended up on a tomato in the sky!? To get off the tomato you need to pick up customers and force them to make a bridge down to the ground. It's too early in the morning and you don't have time to be stuck on a tomato so go get those customers!

In this prototype version you cant actually drive down the bridge of people. its just a little proof of concept so you can drive around and interact with things on the tomato.

This is my first 3D game, made entirely in unity. Models made all in maya. Hope you enjoy it

JAMES C. has a game out too called ROCKMAN'S UNIVERSE and its super cool

check it out here https://jamecz.itch.io/

Install instructions


*Extract All and run the .exe file to PLAY*


*Extract All and run the .app to PLAY*


Tomato Taxi Windows.zip 17 MB
TomatoTaxi_v1_Mac.app.zip 21 MB


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cool and nice game