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I really enjoyed your game, the aesthetics is so appealing to me. Is it inconvenient if i ask you how you gave this ps1 look to the game? Or what engine you used to make this game?

Hey thanks for playing it! I used unity and got the pixelated look by rendering the camera to an image texture at a low resolution like 640 by 360 (still 16:9 aspect ratio), and then I just used some post processing to get the grain and adjust colors to try and make it look moodier or older haha. 

if you want to do a ps1 style super in depth, the ps1 had a thing where it averaged the position of each vertex so it gave it a wobbly effect and the effect could be reproduced in a shader in any engine.  I didn't do this for this game but I want to try it in the future! 

Thanks!!!! You're amazing bro honestly, keep up the amazing work

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! 

I liked the game, the atmosphere, the graphics. There are a few quibbles:

- Controlling both the player and the camera at the same time - it's difficult, it's more customary to bind the camera to the character, so it will be more casual.

- The music would be a little more varied.

- Selected and unselected items are difficult to distinguish in the menu.

- I managed to climb the thin white pillars like vines, whether I recognize a bug or not.

All is cool! =)


yo thanks for the feedback, super helpful. The pillar climbing is not a bug, but I could add better visuals so that it is clearer for sure! If I ever update it this is all on the list, thanks!

This game is super adorable but I definitely ragequit shortly after riding the bird

thanks haha yea the end is pretty challenging 

This was an awesome game. Looks, controls and everything were awesome. I really enjoyed each aspect of the gameloop. This was amazingly well done.

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! glad you enjoyed it

Hi, looks gordeous! Is there anyway to invert camera rotation?

Hey thanks! there isn't right now but if people like the game I may consider adding to it or making a more expansive version so its on my list thanks for the feedback


Played it a bit, and loved the whole aesthetics and feel, really nice work congrats. My only advice is working on the controls, they can feel a bit finicky (and needing reverse camera haha). Well done overall, superb work :)

Yea for sure! Thank you!

Lovely game with a great sense of atmosphere! I really enjoyed it!

thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it!

This is so cool! Amazing work :)


thanks so much!

very cool! I love the design of the ground area :D

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thank you!

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Hey, there aren't any bugs in this video, you just have to rotate the camera and use the vines to climb up the wall.